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Better towel.

Better ocean.



All FaceSoft towels are crafted from soft robust, long-staple cotton yarns, also known as Aqua-Cotton technology.

This ensures our 100% cotton towels have high absorbency and exeptional performance. Plus it makes them feel super soft on your face!

FaceSoft towels were created for your face, but they can be used on your entire body. Great for adults and children who live an active lifestyle.


FaceSoft towels requires all cotton to be conscientiously selected to meet our stringent standards. Leading technology combined with the human touch of seasoned craftsmen allows our designers to produce very high-quality towels.

Many towels today are made with microfibers. Did you know that microfibers are made of plastic? Microfibers are synthetic material and are not naturally occurring, it's even harmful to the ocean. FaceSoft towels NEVER use microfibers!


10" x 38" is the perfect size for FaceSoft "Sporty" towels to fit comfortably around your neck! They have so many uses:

Home - Wash your face and feel clean during your normal morning or night routine. Super soft and will never scratch your face!
Gym - Whether you like yoga, spin, pilates, weight training, cross-fit, zumba, etc. these towels are designed to absorb sweat!
Beach - Designed on the beach, for the beach and are super absorbent.

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