Our FaceSoft® towels are perfect for those who appreciate an active lifestyle.

There are multiple physical benefits to yoga and exercise—most importantly, the positive impact that the mind-body connection has on quality of life. A select few of the health benefits that yoga offers include: cardio health, increased flexibility, muscle growth, better posture, healthy blood flow, stronger immune system, increased metabolism, and reduced inflammation in joints.

The mental benefits yoga has on participants are just as impressive: a stronger sense of self, anxiety and depression management, stress reduction, and overall stable mental health.

Our towels offer yogis and exercise enthusiasts a way to enjoy their active lifestyle while taking care of their skin and helping to reduce plastic pollution—all at the same time! Now, that’s effective.

FaceSoft Towel Company was tested, reviewed, and ultimately born within our beloved yoga community. We understand that our yogi customers are in need of durable, active towels that withstand extremely hot temperatures and absorb excessive sweat. Every yoga student, instructor, and studio owner holds a special place in our heart as they played a critical role in the foundation of our company.

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