Rebecca is a high energy yoga teacher who has a tremendous passion for helping others and our world. 

Her passion for yoga started 5 years ago when she started to really notice the mind-body connection and the positive side effects it has brought into her life. Rebecca completed her 200-hour teacher training certification in Koh Phangan, Thailand where she fell even more in love with the practice and the history of yoga. Personally, experiencing the healing process that yoga nurtures withing, she is eager to share her knowledge with the world.

Rebecca received a bachelors of science degree in Psychology from the University of Central Florida seeking to inspire those around her to live a healthy lifestyle focusing and benefitting their mind, body, and soul.

Living an eco-conscious life, she is determined to educate the yoga and workout communities about the harm of microfiber towels and the pollution it is causing to our oceans.

Rebecca has launched our 100% cotton, eco-friendly FaceSoft® towels into the yoga community and has already visited studios from Miami Beach and Orlando, Florida, to Los Angeles, California.

Rebecca loves to travel and experience new cultures around the world. While traveling she recruits FaceSoft® ambassadors to become apart of our powerful, educational movement. Rebecca is dedicated to inspire society to live an eco-conscious lifestyle mentally and physically.

She currently visiting in the ORLANDO area - going to studios, checking out the area, placing baskets of FaceSoft® towels, and meeting new people.

Check out her ”Day in the Life” posts @FaceSoft_Towels on Instagram!